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Dry-Way Carpet Cleaning of America!

October 14, 2015

Your in good hands with Dry Way Carpet Cleaners! Your in good hands With Dry-Way!

…then you’ll know that only DRY-WAY can provide you with all eight of these essential ingredients for a truly professional carpet cleaning job.

Dry Way is a full service dry carpet cleaning service doing Residential and Commercial Service in Sacramento, Fair Oaks & Folsom.

If You Want To Know The Truth About How To Care For Your Carpets…Ask Your Carpet Dealer Or The Manufacturer To Find Out Which Method They Recommend.

Before Dry Way carpet cleaning After Dry Way carpet cleaning BEFORE AFTER

You will be satisfied or you don’t pay.

 Replacement guaranteed if carpet is damaged. If stains reappear so will we, at no charge to you.

Dry-Way’s formula evaporates very quickly allowing most carpets to dry in less than one hour. Furniture can be replaced immediately with no threat of staining or rusting carpets. Customer traffic can resume almost at once; a real money saving advantage for restaurants and other businesses.

Clean carpets last longer. Dirt is very abrasive and breaks down the carpet fibers prematurely, especially in high traffic areas.

Fabric softeners combined with carpet air-fresheners, leave you with carpets that look smell and feel factory fresh.

With Dry-Way, don’t worry about small children or pets using your fresh cleaned carpets. Not only will they be dry, but free from harsh, dangerous chemicals.

New carpets stay clean because of their soil retardants, which can wear off or be stripped away by improper cleaning methods. Dry-Way carpets stay cleaner longer because we use dirt-attracting residues. The Dry-Way formula is a solution free of soaps and only detergents used by most other carpet cleaners.

Dry-Way eliminates stains that stream shampoo and dry-cleaning can’t began to touch, (i.e. printer ink, grease, oil, tar, paint, and gum). Ask us to show you our testimonial letters from home owners and business that all say “Dry-Way brought my carpet back to life again”.

After Dry-Way cleans your carpets, you will get that good feeling which comes from knowing you’ve used the best process available, ANYWHERE! Relax and enjoy knowing that a company does exist which believes in dedicated service and giving you your money’s worth.

Dry-Way dry Carpet Cleaning Fair Oaks

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